A 12 gauge Ithaca double barrelled shotgun was found under the victim. That gun was stored in a scabbard-style gun case on a shelf in a vacant bedroom. If the victim shot himself, he would have had to perform the following tasks:

  • Remove the gun from the scabbard.
  • Rezipper the scabbard and replace the empty case on the shelf and close the closet door.
  • Carry the gun through the house, open and the close the kitchen door, walk across the patio and open a rear passage door of the garage.
  • Place the gun on a counter in the garage.
  • Open a cabinet and remove a heavy box filled with ammunition and place it on the counter.
  • Select two shells from one of many individual boxes.
  • Break open the shotgun and load the shells into the chamber.
  • Close the shotgun and again place it on the counter.
  • Replace the box of ammunition in the cabinet and reclasp the cabinet.
  • Call the dogs from the yard and lock them in the garage.
  • Carry the gun across the yard where he was alleged to have removed a chair from the patio and carry it to the grass.
  • Sit in the chair, place the butt of the shotgun on the ground next to his right foot and grasp the barrel with his left hand while reaching down with his right to depress the trigger.

And Do All Of This Without Leaving One Fingerprint On The Shotgun!