Blood Stain


“it appeared, at the time of the alleged suicide, victim was seated in the patio chair with the shotgun situated / positioned to the right of victim, adjacent to the lateral surface of his right leg. The butt of the shotgun was placed on the ground and the muzzle pointed upward”.


  • Since the blood stains “G” and “H” must be a result of blood from the mouth at the exact time of the shooting, these stains must reflect the position of the body at the time of the shooting.
  • The NIS report describes the presumed position of the victim at the instant of the shooting, if the wound was self inflicted.
  • If self inflicted the blood stains “G” and “H” would have been directed at the patio and could not have been found behind and to the right of the victim.


  • MCAS EL TORO EMT REPORT: J. E. Sabow, 91/01/22 0955: EBL (estimated blood loss) 50 cc signed: Dr. S. Gibbs, LT MC USNR
  • "Contact shotgun wounds of the head are among the most mutilating firearms wounds there are." From GUNSHOT WOUNDS by Vincent DiMaio, MD. and Medical Examiner of San Antonio, Texas
  • Autopsy states: "contact wound of soft palate".
  • This blast would have caused a crime scene so bloody that not only the victim but also the adjacent area would be drenched in blood. (12% of the entire cardiac output is to the brain)
  • The crime scene video and photos, as well as the NIS Investigative Report, clearly document the minimal amount of blood at the crime scene.


  • 50 cc EBL means victim was dead when he was shot.
  • Absence of blood on chair means victim was not sitting on chair when he was shot.
  • Absence of blood on shotgun means someone else triggered then wiped the gun and subsequently placed it under the victim.
  • Absence of blood on the back of left hand and forearm means victim could not have been holding the gun in his mouth with his left hand when the gun was fired.
  • Linear lower margin and irregular upper margin indicate that the ulnar (lower) surface of the left forearm was lying on a flat surface and in front of the blood source (his mouth) when he was shot.
  • Absence of blood on front of body means victim could not have shot himself sitting upright in patio chair.
  • If the palms of both hands were covered with blood, the gun would also be covered with blood if the victim shot himself, as well as the front of his torso and lower extremities.
  • Right hand blood patterns indicate that the decedent did not pull or push trigger.
  • Someone repositioned right hand after victim was shot in mouth.

After studying the blood evidence, the only possible explanation of the manner of death is shown in the photo of the victim as he was actually found.

  • The victim lay dead in this exact position when a shotgun was thrust in his mouth and fired.
  • A small amount of blood from the pharynx and brain shot out from the entrance wound, spattering the palms and the left forearm which left blood evidence of the actual position of the victim when he was shot.