Skull X-Ray

Skull x-rays taken at the Orange County Medical Examiner's facility demonstrated a large depressed occipital skull fracture. These x-rays were reviewed by university medical specialists.

A conference at the University of Minnesota consisting of three Professors of Neuroradiology and three Professors of Neurosurgery evaluated these x-rays and corresponding autopsy photos. Their conclusions were:
  • “fracture was from blunt force inflicted to the right posterior skull”
  • “the fracture could not have occurred as a result of the gunshot”
  • “from a review of the photos, it was apparent that the blunt force occurred prior to death”
Dr. David Rubinstein of the Department of Neuroradiology, Univ. of Colorado Medical School concluded: “the depressed skull fracture is not likely to have resulted from the shotgun blast. The appearance of the soft tissues...should give the best clues as to the cause of the depressed fracture.”

Dr. Dennis Nesbit, neuroradiologist Rapid City Regional Hospital and Clinical Professor, University of South Dakota, concludes: “the skull fracture appears to be overwhelmingly atypical for that caused by a shotgun blast, it is very typical of blunt trauma to the skull.”